We have NEW sequin Santa hats, as well as the popular coil Santa hats.   Flashing Santa Coil Hat Our NEW battery operated candles come in rainbow color changing or yellow flickering. flatcandleneon400
These have changeable batteries so you can use them for the year after. Now, with flat bottoms to stand them up too!

The battery operated string of star lights are great for Christmas decorations around the home and Christmas tree or as great gifts

The green and red fiber optic bracelets are also great for decorations, center pieces or napkin holders. Some other Christmas center pieces you can use are the mini LED snowman, Christmas tree and star.

LED Christmas Tree Badge  Looking for stocking suffers or BonBon prizes? Try the LED Christmas tree badges, flashing bubble rings, glow earrings and more.

Flashing Martini Glasses

Our products also make unique Kris Kringle gifts, with things for the whole family! Glow golf balls for Dad, Flashing cocktail glasses for mum and loads of flashing novelty toys for the kids!

LED Circle Pendant with Christmas Stickers

We now have Christmas stickers which look great on the flashing glasses, decor lights and circle pendants. If you would like custom stickers, we can do this too! Just email us for a quote. sales@everythingglows.com.au

Check out our whole Christmas range here: