What you need to know about button batteries to ease your worries!

What you Need to know About Button Batteries and how we can Minimise the Risks to Keep our Children Safe 

In today's modern world, we encounter countless small electronic devices that enhance our lives in various ways. Many of these devices are powered by button batteries, which have become ubiquitous in household items such as toys, watches, remote controls, digital kitchen scales, thermometers and even musical greeting cards. While these tiny powerhouses bring convenience, they can also pose a significant danger, particularly to children. This blog aims to shed light on the importance of button battery safety and provide essential guidelines to prevent accidents and protect our loved ones.

Button batteries are attractive for their compact size and long-lasting power. Their sleek design allows them to fit seamlessly into various devices, making them a popular choice for manufacturers. However, this very characteristic that makes them so useful also makes them hazardous if not handled with care.

One of the most alarming aspects of button battery safety is the fact that they can be easily mistaken for harmless objects or even candy by young children. The shiny appearance and small size makes them enticing to curious minds, leading to accidental ingestion or insertion into bodily orifices. Unfortunately, this can result in life-threatening consequences.

When a button battery gets lodged in the body, it can cause severe burns and tissue damage within just a few hours. The electrical charge within the battery creates a chemical reaction with bodily fluids, leading to the release of caustic substances. This corrosive process can eat away at organs and blood vessels, posing a significant risk to a child's health and potentially resulting in long-term complications or even death.

Here are some Crucial Guidelines to Ensure Button Battery Safety in your Home

Fortunately, with proper awareness and precautions, these accidents can be prevented following these crucial steps.

  1. Keep batteries out of reach: Store button batteries in secure locations, out of sight and reach of young children. Consider using childproof battery compartments or locking mechanisms for devices that use these batteries.
  2. Check device integrity: Regularly inspect electronic devices to ensure battery compartments are secure and cannot be easily accessed. Encourage manufacturers to design child-resistant closures for products that use button batteries.
  3. Educate children: Teach children about the dangers of button batteries, emphasising that they are not toys or food. Encourage them to inform an adult immediately if they find a loose battery.
  4. Secure loose batteries: Dispose of used button batteries promptly and properly. Tape the terminals with electrical tape before discarding them to minimise the risk of accidental ingestion.
  5. Seek immediate medical attention: If you suspect a child has ingested or inserted a button battery, do not delay seeking medical help. Time is of the essence, as prompt intervention can significantly reduce the severity of injuries.

Familarise Yourself with the ACCC's Mandatory Standards 

At Everything Glows, we stock a range of flashing novelties, some of which contain button batteries. Let us explain with a few examples how our novelties comply with the new industry standards implemented in June 2022. As stated by the ACCC, under the new mandatory standard products must have:

  1. Secure battery compartments to prevent children accessing the batteries.
  2. Products and batteries must have additional warnings and emergency advice on the batteries, packaging and instructions.
  3. Suppliers must also ensure products have been compliance tested.

Let us give you an example of some of our products. Our Carols LED Flicker Yellow Candle 15cm is a popular product that includes AG13 batteries. The battery is enclosed with a cover which has a captive screw that remains with the compartments cover when unscrewed. This product has warning labels on the package for consumers awareness. We also have a compliance document to ensure tests have been completed.

Our Light Up Moving Animal Ear Hat is also a great example of complying with new button battery standards. They contain a battery compartment that is stitched into the product so it is not easily accessible to children. This is very much the same as our Flashing Soft Crystal Star Necklace with the batteries concealed in the product. Both of these products are also individually wrapped with warning labels affixed on the package, as well as having supporting compliance documents.

To help customers make an educated choice about the products they would like to buy, we also include additional warnings on each product on our website. The important info tab contains comprehensive information as well as emergency advice. The presence of button batteries is indicated by the button battery icon that may be seen on the product photos across the website.

Continue to Raise Awareness and Implement Preventive Measures in your Home

Button battery safety is a critical aspect of childproofing our homes and protecting our loved ones from potential harm. By raising awareness about the dangers and implementing preventive measures, we can mitigate the risk of accidents. Remember, the power within these small batteries should never be underestimated, and it is our responsibility to keep them safely out of reach. Let us prioritize the well-being of our children and ensure their world remains a safe and nurturing one.