The glow sticks we provide meet all the safety regulations. They are made from tough plastic which is very hard to break. The ingredients in our glow stick are non-toxic and non-flammable, but may permanently stain fabric. If contact with skin or eyes occurs, this may cause temporary discomfort. Wash immediately with water. Not suitable for children under 5 years old. Adult supervision is recommended.
Our range of chemiluminescent items is the best quality available. They have a shelf life of two years so what you don't use this year can be stored for next years event.
It is important to keep these products stored correctly. Glows sticks and battery operated novelties should be stored in a cool dry place in the original packaging. Their life span will be shortened if come into contact with direct sunlight, heat or humidity. If storing battery operated items, be sure to either take out the batteries to store or change these over if stored for a long period of time as they can become corroded.
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  • Bank transfer (Westpac BSB:033 033 ACC: 122558)
  • 7 day account for pre approved customers
  • Purchase orders are accepted from registered organisations and established companies.
  • NSW Government School EDC Connect supplier. Our vendor number is 0100305019.
As we are a wholesaler we have a smaller mark-up than retailers, instead of adding the shipping cost into our products and charging a flat shipping fee, we on charge the shipping cost of your order to you to ensure the cheapest and correct postage for every customer.
At Everything Glows! we import the best quality Glow Products and Flashing Novelties. This means our products go through an extra Quality Assurance Test at point of manufacture and have better quality batteries than most others in the market. Having said that we are confident that our prices are the most competitive but if you are offered a price that is cheaper for the same quality product we will beat it.

We are a Wholesale Importer and Distributor so we protect pricing information for our resellers.

If you do not wish to register you can view our wholesale price list by clicking 'WHOLESALE BROCHURE' at the bottom of the website. We can also email this to you. Email us at sales@everythingglows.com.au with your contact details and we will send this through.

The price you sell your Flashing and Glowing Novelties for depends on the kind of event you are having. Generally, you will at least double what the item cost you (plus $1 for bigger items) for private events like school fetes, discos and club functions. Don't forget to make allowances for GST and a portion of the freight.

Rounding up to whole dollars makes it easier to manage change. Why not bundle two items so the charge is a note?

If your fundraising has already been kicked off by an entry cost and the presence of your Flashing and Glowing Novelties adds to the atmosphere the selling prices can be lower.

It can be a good idea to have a few different price points. For example, you might have some items at $3, some for $5 and one or two $10 items. This allows for all budgets.

At public events the cost prices are generally tripled. Watch out for your competitors prices though!

Don't forget, you can discount items if you have them left over BUT you cannot increase the prices on the night.

Yes, we are happy to drop ship to your clients with no reference to us and we will email you your invoice.