Fundraising Hints

This is designed to make selling our “Night Time Novelty Products” even easier for you at that first out door event. Remember that the rush won’t start unit the sun goes down, so by applying these simple rules you can make the most of those valuable few hours of darkness.
Notify students and guests that there will be Flashing and Glowing items available for sale at the event. Include a note or picture on your newsletter or flyer advertising the Disco, Movie Night, Camp Out, Twilight Fair etc. We can email you an image ready to insert into your brochure. Why not include a glow item in the entry fee to get the party started and have a selection of Flashing and Glowing items ready for sale.
Choose a spot away from bright lights but where you can still see well enough to operate. Set up a trestle in a busy spot where potential customers will see you. Set up your flashing battery operated novelties in display trays before dusk to attract interest. Children are your prime market.
A back-pack or straps will hold lite-rope cylinders easily. Add a money belt for change and you’re in business! Don’t forget to put a torch in so you can see your change.
A short preparation session the night before is worthwhile. Make up cash boxes with your float of change. A team of two people will need mixed coin and notes (we suggest $200). Have a sample of each battery operated item ready for display.

Customers need to see the product glowing before they buy. Work in pairs, wave lite-ropes above your head, have light sticks around your neck and wear head boppers, badges and necklaces. If using a trestle-table light sticks can be displayed in clear plastic cups or on an overhead wire.

Once the first few things are sold the kids will be queuing!

Light-ropes out of the tube are particularly fragile and easy to activate accidentally. Open one cylinder at a time and only start a few things glowing immediately. Be especially careful towards the end of the rush period. Sell stock that is already glowing rather than activating a new item for every customer.

If you are mobile make sure that you have the exits covered for those customers who leave it to the last minute.

Back home stock can be stored in a cool dry place. Chemi-luminescent products in unopened packaging will last up to two years. Remove batteries from Flashing novelties to ensure no leakage.

The price you sell your Flashing and Glowing Novelties for depends on the kind of event you are having. Generally, you will at least double what the item cost you (plus $1 for bigger items) for private events like school fetes, discos and club functions. Don’t forget to make allowances for GST and a portion of the freight.

Rounding up to whole dollars makes it easier to manage change. Why not bundle two items so the charge is a note?

If your fundraising has already been kicked off by an entry cost and the presence of your Flashing and Glowing Novelties adds to the atmosphere the selling prices can be lower.

It can be a good idea to have a few different price points. For example, you might have some items at $3, some for $5 and one or two $10 items. This allows for all budgets.

At public events the cost prices are generally tripled. Watch out for your competitors prices though!

Don’t forget, you can discount items if you have them left over BUT you cannot increase the prices on the night.

Please contact us about a 'supply now, pay later' option.
We have been doing this for a long time and are happy to advise you on suitable products and quantities for your event. Please do not hesitate to call or send us an email.