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  1. The Top School Fundraisers in Australia

    The top school fundraisers in Australia that support schools and community engagement!

    Fundraisers play a vital role in supporting schools across Australia, enabling them to enhance educational programs, provide necessary resources, and create memorable experiences for students. From community events to creative initiatives, Australian schools have developed a range of successful fundraising activities. In this blog, we'll explore some of the best school fundraisers in Australia that have proven effective in engaging communities, fostering teamwork, and generating financial support. We will also talk about who typically runs these events and where the profits made are used towards.

    Who typically runs school fundraisers?

    Parent and Citizen

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  2. What are Glow Sticks made of and are they safe for children?

    Unveiling the Illuminating Magic: How Glow Sticks Work

    Glow sticks have captivated people of all ages with their mesmerising, luminescent glow. Whether they are used at parties, concerts, or as safety tools, these portable light sources continue to spark curiosity. But have you ever wondered how glow sticks work? In this blog, we will explore the science behind these enchanting creations. From the chemical reactions to the fascinating properties of fluorescence, we'll uncover the secrets that make glow sticks a beacon of colourful light.

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  3. Unforgettable school disco activities in Australia!

    Unforgettable school disco activities in Australian schools as a fun way to fundraise!

    School discos are a time-honoured tradition that brings students, parents and teachers together for an evening of fun, music, and dancing. These lively events create lasting memories and foster a sense of community within schools across Australia. In this blog, we will explore the exciting world of school disco activities. From themed dress-ups to dance-offs, games and prizes, we'll uncover the secrets to hosting an unforgettable school disco experience.

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  4. What you need to know about button batteries to ease your worries!

    What you Need to know About Button Batteries and how we can Minimise the Risks to Keep our Children Safe 

    In today's modern world, we encounter countless small electronic devices that enhance our lives in various ways. Many of these devices are powered by button batteries, which have become ubiquitous in household items such as toys, watches, remote controls, digital kitchen scales, thermometers and even musical greeting cards. While these tiny powerhouses bring convenience, they can also pose a significant danger, particularly to children. This blog aims to shed light on the importance of button battery safety and provide essential guidelines to prevent accidents and protect our loved ones.

    Button batteries are attractive for their compact size and long-lasting power. Their sleek design allows them

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  5. Easter fun that will last longer than chocolate!

    It is that time of year again where we all stuff our faces with chocolate...and more chocolate. Easter is a great time for giving and there is more to Easter than just chocolate! As we are in a much more promising position than we were this time last year, I am certain everyone wants to go bigger and better than ever before. We have just the products and ideas you need to make this Easter one to remember!

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  6. URGENT Product Safety Recall

    URGENT Product Safety Recall - LED Flashing Starfish Necklace

    Purchased from Everything Glows between 19th August 2022 to 27th September 2022.

    Everything Glows takes their responsibility in providing safe products very seriously and have processes and procedures in place to ensure faulty items do not come into the market place. Regretfully, some have recently slipped through, and we would like to make everyone affected aware.

    Defect: The product does not comply with the mandatory standard for products containing button/coin batteries.The battery compartment is not adequately secured. The three button batteries may be easily accessible.

    Hazard: If young children gain access to button batteries and ingest them, they are likely to suffer severe internal burn injuries,

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  7. Kids Halloween Party time!

    Kids love Halloween and love to spend time with their friends. Dressing up and having some great halloween party food will make any party on 31st October a success.

    Make sure you have some decorations to scare the kids. You can hang scary skeletons on your tree branches, and make sure you have some large spider webs for the kids to walk through. You can carve out a pumpkin and make sure you have your pumpkin in your front window to greet your guests.

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  8. Get romantic this Valentine's Day!

    The last couple of years have been tough for many people, so why not surprise your loved one with something special this Valentine's Day!

    Put some thought into what would be a romantic idea- a beach or park picnic, or a dinner out at a special restaurant. Make sure you book the restaurant in advance as it a very busy night and many restaurants book out quickly.

    If you don't want to head out, maybe get your Valentine to stay in bed while you organise a romantic breakfast for them. You can cook them a heart shaped egg in toast or some heart shaped pikelets. 


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  9. How to run a successful kids school disco!

    Kids love a disco and love to spend time with their friends outside of normal school hours. Dancing away the afternoon or evening is the perfect activity to wear your kids out.

    Discos are relatively easy to plan and can be a great way to earn fundraising dollars for the school. Most kids want to be involved and you can easily get parents to volunteer their time to help it run smoothly. It is a great way for parents to be involved with the school, and help to make the school a better place by contributing to the fundraising effort.

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  10. Glow camping games that the whole family will enjoy!



    Here are some camping glow games for the whole family to enjoy. These games are really easy to set up and will keep the kids amused for hours. You may just want to watch the kids play while you sit back on your camping chair with your drink of choice! You can always say that you will be the judge?


    This game requires a pack of 100 assorted glow bracelets, or if you want bigger glow rings you can choose the assorted 50 pack lite rope necklace

    Take it in turns of throwing the glow rings on to the LED night marker stake. Whoever gets the most on wins!

    Smaller kids could stand closer to make it a bit easier for them. The glow sticks will last for the evening so when you are finished with the game the kids can wear them so you can keep an eye on them all night. 

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  11. Stay safe and protected this Valentines' Day...we mean COVID safe!

    As we approach a promising February 2021, it is time to think of other things that are in the air this year...LOVE! Valentines' Day is a time to celebrate and spread the love to that one special person in your life with our range of decor to lighten up your night. We also have an important point to note - we want everyone to be protected and stay safe (COVID safe that is...) this occasion!

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  12. Par-Tee On with our Night Golf Range!

    During these uncertain times, Australian's have adapted exceptionally well to the ever-changing rules and practices we must abide by. We have most certainly become innovative thinkers and come up with new ways to entertain ourselves day and night. As restrictions begin to ease, we are still consciously aware of our surroundings and who we are in contact with. Night Golf has become one of the most popular leisure activities during this time as it adheres to all social distancing regulations while getting out there and socialising. We will show you exactly how you can still 'Par-Tee' on!

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  13. 5 Step Guide to an Iso Party!

    We know times are tough, but we also know that as a community, we can get through this together! The unknown might seem quite daunting, which is why it is important to take each day as it comes and focus on the present. As we continue to isolate, Australian's have come up with innovative ideas to entertain themselves and their family. One of the most popular trends at this given time is an Iso Party! Let me show you how it's done...Everything Glows style.

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  14. How Coronavirus should not stop you from celebrating Easter at home

    The thought of Easter approaching in the midst of this global affair may feel quite daunting, but we want to look beyond this pandemonium and find the positives with a stay-at-home Easter this year!

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  15. How to make your camping trip fun and bright!

    Are you going away camping for the long weekend this Easter? If so, we have some exciting ideas to make those dark nights LIT!

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  16. Could this be bigger than the Fidget Spinner...?

    2017 was the year of the Fidget Spinner!! ...But has this toy been overthrown by a new novelty?

    The new LED Bobo Balloon is the latest MUST HAVE novelty.

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  17. Glow This Australia Day

    Here at Everything Glows we LOVE Australia Day!

    It's time to celebrate and come together as one.

    Whether you're camping, having a BBQ, throwing a party or attending a party - we have something for you!

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  18. Play Night Golf with your mates in your own backyard!

    Grab 3 of your mates for an awesome night of golf - that you can set up anywhere! This gift pack is essential to any camping trip or present to your nearest and dearest!

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  19. Glow in the dark, UV, LED, Luminous. What do these mean?

    Glow in the Dark

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  20. Get ready for a spooky Halloween!

    Halloween gets bigger every year and here at Everything Glows, we love it! More Halloween parties, events and discos!

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  21. Hampton Rotary's GLOW for GOOD Bayside World Record Challenge 2015

    On Saturday 18th April Hampton Rotary Club attempted world record for having the most glow sticks glowing simultaneously. The US had the record of 836 people.

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  22. Winter Wonderland Glow Party

    Ever wanted to host a winter wonderland themed party? Or maybe a kids frozen party? Heres some great ideas and products you can use!

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