1. Get romantic this Valentine's Day!

    The last couple of years have been tough for many people, so why not surprise your loved one with something special this Valentine's Day!

    Put some thought into what would be a romantic idea- a beach or park picnic, or a dinner out at a special restaurant. Make sure you book the restaurant in advance as it a very busy night and many restaurants book out quickly.

    If you don't want to head out, maybe get your Valentine to stay in bed while you organise a romantic breakfast for them. You can cook them a heart shaped egg in toast or some heart shaped pikelets. 

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  2. Kids Halloween Party time!

    Kids love Halloween and love to spend time with their friends. Dressing up and having some great halloween party food will make any party on 31st October a success.

    Make sure you have some decorations to scare the kids. You can hang scary skeletons on your tree branches, and make sure you have some large spider webs for the kids to walk through. You can carve out a pumpkin and make sure you have your pumpkin in your front window to greet your guests.

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  3. Glow camping games that the whole family will enjoy!



    Here are some camping glow games for the whole family to enjoy. These games are really easy to set up and will keep the kids amused for hours. You may just want to watch the kids play while you sit back on your camping chair with your drink of choice! You can always say that you will be the judge?


    This game requires a pack of 100 assorted glow bracelets, or if you want bigger glow rings you can choose the assorted 50 pack lite rope necklace. 

    Take it in turns of throwing the glow rings on to the LED night marker stake. Whoever gets the most on wins!

    Smaller kids could stand closer to make it a bit easier for them. The glow sticks will last for the evening so when you are finished with the game the kids can wear them so you can keep an eye on them all night. 

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  4. Stay safe and protected this Valentines' Day...we mean COVID safe!

    As we approach a promising February 2021, it is time to think of other things that are in the air this year...LOVE! Valentines' Day is a time to celebrate and spread the love to that one special person in your life with our range of decor to lighten up your night. We also have an important point to note - we want everyone to be protected and stay safe (COVID safe that is...) this occasion!

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  5. How Coronavirus should not stop you from celebrating Easter at home

    The thought of Easter approaching in the midst of this global affair may feel quite daunting, but we want to look beyond this pandemonium and find the positives with a stay-at-home Easter this year!

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  6. How to make your camping trip fun and bright!

    Are you going away camping for the long weekend this Easter? If so, we have some exciting ideas to make those dark nights LIT!

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