Play Night Golf with your mates in your own backyard!

Grab 3 of your mates for an awesome night of golf - that you can set up anywhere! This gift pack is essential to any camping trip or present to your nearest and dearest!

x 4 Premier quality Night Flyer CL LED Golf Ball. Assorted colours. x 5 Red LED Marker Stakes x 1 Blue LED Marker Stake

Step 1 - Use the Red LED Marker Stakes to set up your green

Step 2 - Use the Blue LED Marker Stake to mark as your flag

Step 3 - Bounce your golf ball to activate the LED

Step 4 - Get into game mode and become the champion of your mates!

Why not try challenging your mates by moving around your flag to set up different rounds?

Purchase your gift pack here: LED Golf Ball Gift Pack. Premier Night Flyer CL - For 4 Mates