Glow in the dark, UV, LED, Luminous. What do these mean?

Glow in the Dark Glow necklaces glow shot glasses glow stick cap Glow products are a single-use translucent plastic tube containing isolated substances which when combined make light through a chemical reaction-induced chemiluminescence which does not require an electrical power source.

UV Reactive UV Glow paint UV reactive products will only glow under UV or black light. They have an intense glow under UV light plus anything white will also glow under this light.

LED Light LED Star wand LED flashing dreadlock headband LED battery candle LED stands for light emitting diode. Products that have LED lights are battery operated and contain a number of LED’s inside.

Luminous Glow shoelaces glow in the dark shoe laces Luminous products need light to charge them so that they can glow in the dark. This light can be from the sun or any other source of light like a lamp, phone light or UV light.