Par-Tee On with our Night Golf Range!

During these uncertain times, Australian's have adapted exceptionally well to the ever-changing rules and practices we must abide by. We have most certainly become innovative thinkers and come up with new ways to entertain ourselves day and night. As restrictions begin to ease, we are still consciously aware of our surroundings and who we are in contact with. Night Golf has become one of the most popular leisure activities during this time as it adheres to all social distancing regulations while getting out there and socialising. We will show you exactly how you can still 'Par-Tee' on!

Our Night Golf range is quite extensive as we have a variety of products that have multiple uses. The key to a great Night Golf game is to ensure all players, hazards and equipment are well lit up (that's where Everything Glows comes to the rescue). These are some of our product recommendations for each part of the golf course.

Creating a Green
Make sure your green is outlined well for you to see from a distance. Our LED Marker Stakes are the perfect product to do so. They have spikes at the bottom for you to push easily into the ground to create the outline of your green. A different way to illuminate your green is our Jumbo Glow Sticks with Ground Spikes which will glow for 6-8 hours.

Flags and Tees
There are a few ways you can mark your flag clearly. If you are on a golf course that has a flag attached, you can use our 6" Glow Sticks to hang up on the top of the flag. They include layards so you can attach them onto the pole. Another way to light up your flag is to use an LED Marker Stake in the hole. Remember to pick a different colour to your green! These are also popular for marking your tee.

Night Golf Flag

Players and Buggies
Our Assorted Lite-Rope Necklaces will help light up each player as well as the buggie with different colours to choose from if you want to distinguish yourselves from your opponents. We also have a BRAND NEW product on its way...LED Sneaker Clips! These battery operated clips just clamp to the back of your shoe so you are visible from miles away! It can be used to distinguish you from one another as well as a safety item so you are aware of your surrounding players. 

Hazards and Exits
To ensure all hazards and exits are visible, we have 4" Glow Sticks that are a great size to place around the course. Choose a colour that differientiates your hazards from the rest of the golf course.

Golf Balls
We have different Golf Balls to choose from depending on your overall use and needs. Our battery operated Night Flyer CL Golf Ball is perfect for friendly competition with 6 colours to choose from. They activate by hitting the golf ball on a hard surface which will then glow for 6-8 minutes before turning off and then activating again. Generally they last for approximately 2 x 18 Hole Rounds with batteries than cannot be replaced. Alternatively, we have a Glow Flyer Night Golf Ball that come with 1.5" Glow Stick Inserts which will glow for approximately 6-8 hours. However, these can be easily replaced as you can buy the 1.5" Green Glow Inserts seperately and play again.

Night Flyer

With all these Night Golf products to choose from, we hope we have given you some great ideas to create an entertaining night of golf. We can even make it easier for you with our ready made Night Golf Packs!

Party of Fore

So have some fun and round up your mates for a friendly (or competitive), safe game of golf after dusk while adhering to all social distancing and health recommendations!