Stay safe and protected this Valentines' Day...we mean COVID safe!

As we approach a promising February 2021, it is time to think of other things that are in the air this year...LOVE! Valentines' Day is a time to celebrate and spread the love to that one special person in your life with our range of decor to lighten up your night. We also have an important point to note - we want everyone to be protected and stay safe (COVID safe that is...) this occasion!

Candlelit dinner

There are so many ways to celebrate Valentines' Day - whether you like a quiet night or you love a good party, our glowing and flashing novelties are perfect for all settings. Let's delve a little deeper into our recommended products to spark up the night. 

Romantic Night In

You can go all out or be more conservative with this one. If you are after a grand entrance for your loved one, our Luminary Bags with LED Tea Lights cannot get any more romantic. Line them up on either side of your hallway or on each staircase for that dim yet romantic effect - you can even throw in some rose petals for that WOW factor. As these are flamless, you can also bring this setup outside and have a romantic picnic or night out on the beach. This is only the beginning. What about a romantic dinner setup you might ask? We have just the products to lighten up the dinner table! Our Frosted Tea Light Cup is a very modern and subtle flicker light that will bring up the ambience in the room. Pair it with our warm white LED String Lights along the windows or in a vase as a unique centrepiece.

Picnic on the beach

Drunk In Love

For anyone that runs a nightclub or bar, you will know the popularity of Traffic Light Parties during this occasion. This is where Everything Glows' expertise is required. We recommend our 4" Glow Sticks with a Lanyard or our 22" Lite-Rope Necklaces to hand out to your patrons as they are not only cost effective but can also be easily distributed. With our high quality glow products lasting between 6-8 hours, your customers will be able to distinguish those that are single, in a complicated relationship, or taken all night long! If you are also interested in capturing your customers attention throughout the night, a popular product to sell are our Light Up Roses. We are confident this will attract many people to the dance floor!

Selling roses

So no matter what your plans are for Valentines' Day, we hope we can make it (COVID) safe and bright!