Valentine's Day decor with Everything Glows
You can create some unique and ambient displays for Valentine's day with lots of our products! Here are just a few ideas: With LED battery operated tea lights and Luminary bags you can make lovely mood lighting and lit up paths. Our cut out heart luminary bags are the perfect love theme: luminary bags battery candles in luminary heart bagspath with LED tea lights  

Pop some bubble pour into glowing champagne glasses! Add a little more fun to your celebrations!

flashing champagne glass

Hang these around to make a flowery display or sell them to happy couples. Our flashing red roses are just that little bit difference to your normal rose flowers and they last much longer! bunch of red flashing roseslight up rose             This cute DIY glow stick idea would be for kids to hand out at school. valentine's day glow sticks We have lots more heart shaper flashing head boppers, flashing heart necklaces, badges and more. flashing heart headband LED heart necklaces glow necklaces         You can see everything on our website here: or see more Valentines day ideas on our Pinterest here: