How Coronavirus should not stop you from celebrating Easter at home

The thought of Easter approaching in the midst of this global affair may feel quite daunting, but we want to look beyond this pandemonium and find the positives with a stay-at-home Easter this year!

While health authorities and medical professionals worldwide are currently trialing vaccines for COVID-19, all we can do is look after one another and do the right thing as citizens. With the establishment of social distancing, we are now in the position to work together as a community and reinvent the way we interact with each other on a daily basis.

But don't let this virus spoil ALL of the fun, we have bright and entertaining ideas to help you continue all of your Easter festivities from the comfort of your own home...1 metre apart!

Firstly, let's discuss dinner table decor! If you are at home this Easter, why not redecorate the dinner table with our Flameless Dinner Candle to brighten and lift your Easter spirits. The kids will love decorating the table and it also makes a great Facebook photo to show your family and friends. These dinner candles are also much safer for children than real candles as they are made of plastic, so no heat, smoke or wax. They also come with dinner candle holders so you can place them on any flat surfaces around the house and bring them out at multiple events throughout the year. And barware might you ask? You cannot go wrong with our LED Wine Glass. Have all the adults share a wine together...virtually! Yes that's right, video call your family and celebrate Easter with them all night from a distance where you can still feel connected without being pysically present.

Dinner Candle wine

Don't forget about the kids! Fill a Crazy Cola Glass up with Easter eggs which they can double as both a fun gift and drinkware. 

If the kids are at home bored out of their brains during this time, give them a D.I.Y. project to work on for Easter. A great art and craft idea is to turn our Light Up Flower Crown into a Bunny Crown! All you need is your choice of coloured pipe cleaners which you can make into the shape of bunny ears by bending these around the front of the crown. You can make different colours for the whole family; we have pink, purple, orange and white flower crowns to choose from. Parents, you will love this idea as it is a no mess activity that only requires creativity, art skills and family time. 

Flower Crown DIY

But don't forget about the highly anticipated annual Easter Egg Hunt for the kids! Make it exciting and have them wear our Light Up Moving Rabbit Ear Hat which doubles as a novelty beanie so they can keep warm all night. You can plan an Easter Egg Hunt in the evening with our Jumbo Glow Sticks and Ground Spikes great for backyard entertainment. The younger ones will be thrilled to see a glowing trail leading straight to the chocolate! This is a cost effective yet creative way to build up the kids excitement on Easter Day and it may even turn into your annual Easter tradition with the rest of the family. You can also get your relatives involved online and create a virtual Easter Egg Hunt for the kids where they can challenge each other on a video call...whoever collects the most eggs in 2 minutes wins!! These are just the little things that we can do on Easter Day to keep the family celebration going.

Jumbo Glow Easter Trail

While we are on the topic of video calls, let's delve a little deeper into virtual parties! We live in a technological advanced era that is constantly evolving, so let's all stay updated and enjoy our Easter as one. A virtual party consists of very few things: Yourself, a smart device and of course...matching bunny ears! Have your family purchase and distribute LED Fluffy Bunny Ears to each household and you can video chat all night and feel like you are at the same event, no physical contact required. No matter where you are in the world, our phones connect us all. So with Easter just around the corner, let's not forget to reunite and celebrate together with one small yet powerful device.

fluffy bunny

We want to ensure the health and safety of our community is of greatest importance whilst promoting positivity during this time of uncertainty. With patience and time, we can get through this together. We hope everyone has a safe and lovely Easter together!