Kids Halloween Party time!

Kids love Halloween and love to spend time with their friends. Dressing up and having some great halloween party food will make any party on 31st October a success.

Make sure you have some decorations to scare the kids. You can hang scary skeletons on your tree branches, and make sure you have some large spider webs for the kids to walk through. You can carve out a pumpkin and make sure you have your pumpkin in your front window to greet your guests.


Now for the food. Make sure you have some Halloween food for all the kids. Some great food ideas include some layered graveyard taco dips, some monster burgers, spooktacular biscuits and chocolate donut spiders.

Another great idea to keep the older kids entertained is to get some red velvet cakes and get them to decorate them with icing, gummy worms, sprinkles and maybe some crushed oreos. Make sure you have lots of Halloween lollies for all the kids and for all the trick or treaters who knock on the door. You could even have a Halloween treasure hunt with lots of scary spiders, eye balls and ghosts to find.

The kids outfits are very important, so make sure you spend some time planning what the kids will wear. At Everything Glows we have lots of Halloween product to make the night a great success. We have skeleton and stitch cosplay masks, along with skulls necklaces, bat glasses and spike bracelets.

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