How to run a successful kids school disco!

Kids love a disco and love to spend time with their friends outside of normal school hours. Dancing away the afternoon or evening is the perfect activity to wear your kids out.

Discos are relatively easy to plan and can be a great way to earn fundraising dollars for the school. Most kids want to be involved and you can easily get parents to volunteer their time to help it run smoothly. It is a great way for parents to be involved with the school, and help to make the school a better place by contributing to the fundraising effort.


You need around 6 weeks to organise the disco- you will need to pre sell tickets to ensure you know how many kids will be in attendance.

Usually the primary school disco is split into 2 sessions- the junior school usually attend the first session (Preps - grade 2) and the senior school (grade 3-6) attend the second session so there aren't too many kids at the one event.

If the disco is being held in the school hall then you need to ensure that the venue can cater for the amount of kids that are attending. The school hall is the perfect venue as you have limited entry and exit points which can all be manned by parents. You will need to hire a DJ for the night. You may need to book early as they can get booked out at busy times of the year.

On the night you will need to gets parents to sign their kids in as they enter through one door, and at the end of the night once parents have collected their kids they should exit through a separate door where all kids are signed out.

You can also have additional activities on the night where you can make additional money for the school including selling glow products, face painting, temporary tattoos, hair braiding etc. It is probably a good idea to pre sell these activities also so you know how much time it will take up and the resources you will need.

For safety make sure that you have an evacuation plan in place and that you ensure that you adhere to the number limits allowed in the space.

Don't forget to order all your glow products which can be sold on the night to earn extra money for the school. Please see our entire range-