How to make your camping trip fun and bright!

Are you going away camping for the long weekend this Easter? If so, we have some exciting ideas to make those dark nights LIT!

We know kids love to run around and enjoy the outdoors at night, so why not give them a fun accessory to wear so you can find them; our 22" Lite-Rope Necklaces will leave them glowing for 6-8 hours.

The best part is they benefit both parties; you can easily keep an eye on them and they can also entertain themselves with a fun new novelty. There is also an added bonus... no WiFi needed!!

So sit back, relax and enjoy the campfire stress free!

Lite-rope necklaces

Our Glow in the Dark Shoelaces are also perfect for camping. Put them on your kids shoes during the day so they can charge them under the sunlight and keep them glowing as night falls.

And for those cold nights?

Our BRAND NEW Light Up Moving Ear Hats double as a novelty beanie!

Wear them for those chilly mornings and switch the lights on for those dark nights; perfect for all ages.

Light up moving rabbit ears

Another camping idea are marking your tents at night. Let's be honest here, we have all had those panic moments when we walk back and forget where we pitched our tent at night...right?

So whether you are one of those forgetful people like myself or not, we have battery operated Night Marker Stakes or Jumbo Glow Sticks and Ground Spikes to ensure no one gets lost.

6" Glow Sticks are also a great idea as a source of light inside your tent!

Glow sticks camping tent

I hope your Easter camping trip is a memorable one with these fun ideas for the whole family!