Halloween is becoming more and more popular in Australia every year. We have a range of glowing and flashing products for your Halloween party, events, costumes and more! flashing skull necklace Trick or Treat! As parents are more health conscious these days, why not hand out glow sticks instead of lollies? Not only children stand out walking around in the dark, the parents will thank you too!  


Make your Halloween costume stand out with LED's. Flashing devils horns, skull necklaces and spike bracelets!   Creepy Halloween decorations are a must for your Halloween event or party.


LED tea lights will set the mood.

Get creative. Hang some glow sticks under a white sheet to make floating ghosts.

icehand1Fill a glove with water and an LED ice cube then put them in the pool or punch bowl to make creep floating hands.


We now have Halloween themed stickers! These look great on a range of products like creepy spiders around your drinks or table center piece. Are you after custom made stickers? Email us for a quote.


If you have some Halloween tips or ideas, we would love to hear them. Or if you have a photo please send it in!