camping with glow sticks Are you going camping for the Easter long weekend? bunnyearspinkflash   Make sure you have your glow supplies! Glow products are very useful when camping and travelling. Heres some different ways to use them: - Light up your tent. Hang them from the roof or attach one to the zip of the door or on your tent pegs so they can be easily found. 1.5" Fishing Glow Stick - Emergencies, to show where you are or flag down near buy campers. - Fishing, Use them to see the end of your rod move at night or in the water an the fish are attracted to the glowing. - Hiking, at night or when the sun is coming down, these will be useful to guide your way back to camp. 6" glow sticks - Lights around the camp, push them in the ground or hang them on trees to light up your camp. glowcupsandbrac - For fun and games! Kids love to play with these. Throwing them or wearing them will keep them entertained.   shoelaces2200 - Our glow in the dark shoelaces or shoe lights are also very handy when trying to find your shoes in the dark or keeping track of people when walking at night. LED Shoe lights   - Our glow sticks don't need batteries and have a long shelf life, so keep leftover glow sticks for the next camping trip. We have glow sticks in many different sizes and shapes.   Egg shaped decor light   - Limited stock of the egg shaped decor lights! These a great for nighttime Easter egg hunts.     Have an enjoyable and safe Easter weekend everyone! - Everything Glows