Play Night Golf with your mates in your own backyard!

Grab 3 of your mates for an awesome night of golf – that you can set up anywhere!

This gift pack is essential to any camping trip or present to your nearest and dearest!



x 4 Premier quality Night Flyer CL LED        Golf Ball. Assorted colours.

x 5 Red LED Marker Stakes

x 1 Blue LED Marker Stake




Step 1 – Use the Red LED Marker Stakes to set up your green

Step 2 – Use the Blue LED Marker Stake to mark as your flag

Step 3 – Bounce your golf ball to activate the LED

Step 4 – Get into game mode and become the champion of your mates!

Why not try challenging your mates by moving around your flag to set up different rounds?

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Night Golf

Glow Golf

Glow Golf

How to Run a ‘Nite-Golf’ Tournament

Nitelite Golf gives us the excitement of using the course after dark.  Many courses are over used during the day and what pro would not relish more business and sales especially when overheads are not increased?  Pros tell us that Nitelite golf also increases food and beverage sales substantially.


With the Jumbo Nitelite Glow Golfball, golf can be enjoyed at dusk and on the darkest nights.  The ball is the same size and weight as a regulation ball, is very durable and can be used over and over. It flies as true as any golfball, has good lift, backspin, and putts true. Extensive testing has proven the Nitelite Golfball will travel 90% as far as the best ball made.  It is best to use one or two clubs heavier to obtain the same distance ie; use a 7 or 8 iron where you might generally use a 9 iron.

Never use drivers as the thin faces can be damaged with the slightly harder glow balls.


That’s easily solved. Use 6” lightsticks attached to each flagpole and intermediate markers.  The light sticks can be seen up to 600 metres away on a dark night and last at least 6-8 hours. The cost is minimal.

For best results we suggest using two of the 6” lightsticks on each tee at the ball markers, either on the ground or on a stake and two at the intermediate markers on 1 metre high stakes. Why not try something different by using the Mini Décor Orbs or Morphing Pyramid lights at the ball markers.  They are battery operated and slowly change colour for a fun effect. Simply change the batteries and reuse for your next round.  Attach one 6” Glow stick at the centre of the flag pole and one about 10cms above the hole with elastic bands or tape- best to attach them perpendicular to the pin so they can be seen from any direction. Our 8” wire bracelets can be used in the cup for visibility during your short game.  Mark any hazards and place a lightstick about 10m from the green on the side to which the players will be leaving the green.  This keeps buggies off the green and shows the way to the next tee. Players can ‘blink’ a torch or wave a lightstick when leaving the green to signal the next group up. 22” Literopes can be worn by the players or placed on the buggy for visibility and safety whilst playing.


Any organization (charities in particular) can stage a tournament on any course in their locality.  Clubs often donate their courses or reduce fees as a form of sponsorship.  You might consider a fund-raising tournament to raise money for your own club.  In any event the club will always benefit from the food and beverage sales, carts and green fees. In planning a Nitelite Golf  tournament you are only limited to your imagination; three, five, nine or eighteen hole tournaments, Longest drive, Shotgun scramble and putting contests are all popular.