Glow This Australia Day


Here at Everything Glows we LOVE Australia Day!

It’s time to celebrate and come together as one.

Whether you’re camping, having a BBQ, throwing a party or attending a party – we have something for you!

Dress Up




Fantastic headwear you can purchase in Australia Day colours!





Our New Cosmetic Range

Get glowing with our new Glow In The Dark/UV Cosmetic range!







Get noticed in our green or yellow jewellery pieces





Brighten up your campsite

Don’t get lost this camping trip!



Be seen in our awesome glow stick necklaces. Plenty of options to choose from.




Our Jumbo Glow Sticks will ensure you never loose sight of your tent or even help assist in walking around the campsite.




Hampton Rotary’s GLOW for GOOD Bayside World Record Challenge 2015


On Saturday 18th April Hampton Rotary Club attempted world record for having the most glow sticks glowing simultaneously. The US had the record of 836 people.11150180_1590268977924235_2263919957935230683_n

The aim was to raise funds for the Robert Connor Dawes Fund, supporting brain matters in areas of research, care and development. Schools all over bayside got involved and they received lots of support from business also.


The event was taken place at Trey Bit Reserve, and Sandringham Beach. With rides, face painting, food, DJ’s and more! It was a cold, windy night but that didn’t stop people and it ended up a fantastic night.


Big celebrations were had with this coinciding with the rotaries 110 birthday. They lined everyone up on the beach in the numbers 110 as the sun went down,  ready to crack their glow sticks. The 6″ glow sticks were used.





And they smashed it! They beat the world record with 1298! Congratulations Everyone!


Photos sent in by clients

Here are just a few amazing photos sent in by clients.

LED 70cm and 30cm Inflatable Beach Balls used for party decorations and to light a path:

LED Beach Balls

LED Beach Balls

Katy Perry Party!

LED Fairy Floss Sticks:

LED Bottle Stickers:

LED Fairy Floss SticksLED Bottle Stickers

A local scout group having a Harry Potter night!

6″ glow sticks used as ‘floating candles’:

6" Glow Sticks Harry Potter Night

Tron Costume using our blue glow sticks necklaces:

Blue Glow Sticks

Camping with glow sticks

camping with glow sticks

Are you going camping for the Easter long weekend?



Make sure you have your glow supplies!

Glow products are very useful when camping and travelling. Heres some different ways to use them:

– Light up your tent. Hang them from the roof or attach one to the zip of the door or on your tent pegs so they can be easily found.

1.5" Fishing Glow Stick

– Emergencies, to show where you are or flag down near buy campers.

– Fishing, Use them to see the end of your rod move at night or in the water an the fish are attracted to the glowing.

– Hiking, at night or when the sun is coming down, these will be useful to guide your way back to camp.

6" glow sticks

– Lights around the camp, push them in the ground or hang them on trees to light up your camp.


– For fun and games! Kids love to play with these. Throwing them or wearing them will keep them entertained.



– Our glow in the dark shoelaces or shoe lights are also very handy when trying to find your shoes in the dark or keeping track of people when walking at night.

LED Shoe lights


– Our glow sticks don’t need batteries and have a long shelf life, so keep leftover glow sticks for the next camping trip. We have glow sticks in many different sizes and shapes.


Egg shaped decor light


– Limited stock of the egg shaped decor lights! These a great for nighttime Easter egg hunts.



Have an enjoyable and safe Easter weekend everyone!

– Everything Glows

LED Fairy Floss sticks

Introducing LED Fairy Floss sticks… 

Click here to view our full range of glowing and flashing novelties

LED Fairy Floss Stick

We have had many enquiries over the years for Light Up Fairy Floss Sticks so Traders and Event Organisers could promote Fairy Floss at Night Time Events.



We have also noticed that an increasing number of private parties are now hiring Fairy Floss or popcorn machines!


Well, we have listened and now have been able to secure an A grade product that is 28cm long, made of food grade plastic and has 8 LED functions that create a fun light show.


Order on line or call/email our sales team for more information.

NEW 6 Flash Function Clip Wand


Good Promotions Are Visually Striking!
NEW 6 flash function Clip wand
Heaps of fun, adds atmosphere and a perfect souvenir.
Personalise with your client’s name, your name or both.
Take the credit for your fabulous events!
Call us now!

PH: 03 9553 0972

Glow Stick FAQ

Here are some commonly asked questions about our glows sticks. If you have any more questions we have not covered, please let us know and we will add them.

6" glow sticks

6″ Glow sticks

What is a glow stick?

A glow stick is a single-use translucent plastic tube containing isolated substances which when combined make light through a chemical reaction-induced chemiluminescence which does not require an electrical power source.

How do you activate glow sticks?

To activate your glow stick you will need to bend it until you hear a ‘crack’ this will break the glass vile inside to combine the chemicals. These will then react to create the glow.

How long do glow sticks last?

Our glow sticks will last 8- 12 hours and slowly fade. They will still have a very dim glow 24 hours later.

Are there different qualities of glow sticks?

Yes, there are different quality glow sticks.

You can buy glow sticks which are the “copies” of the original glow stick. This means they will not glow as bright or as long and will tear open a lot more easily.

Here at Everything Glows we provide the best quality original glow sticks. This means we are able to provide the material safety data sheets on your request.

Glow bracelets

Glow bracelets

Does temperature affect glow sticks?

Yes, a higher temperature will make the glow stick glow bright but it will also shorten the length of time it will glow for.

A lower temperature will make the glow sticks glow dimmer but will prolong the length of time it will glow for.

Can glow sticks be recharged?

No, glow sticks can not be recharged or re activated. They should be disposed of once the glow has stopped.

Are glow sticks water proof?

Yes, glow sticks were designed to be used in water. They can be used for diving, swimming, fishing and in pools.

Are glow sticks safe?

The glow sticks we provide meet all the safety regulations. They are made from tough plastic which is very hard to break.

The ingredients in our glow stick are non-toxic and non-flammable, but may permanently stain fabric. If contact with skin or eyes occurs, this may cause temporary discomfort. Wash immediately with water.

We recommend parental supervision for all children under 3.

Assorted glow necklaces

Assorted glow  necklaces

How do you store glow sticks?

It is important to keep glow sticks stored correctly. Glows sticks should be stored in a cool dry place in there original packaging. Their life span will be shortened if come into contact with direct sunlight, heat or humidity.

Kookie’s N Kream perform with our light swords!

On Australia’s Got Talent 2012, Kookie’s N Kream performed in the grand final with our light swords. Tell us what you thought of their act!!


Welcome to our new Everything Glows Blog!

Welcome to our first blog post!

This blog is designed to help you make your next fundraiser, party or event a successful one. Whether it be for fundraising, retail sales, carnivals and fairs, parties, hens night, weddings or at a nightclub. We will be posting all of our great ideas, photos, tips and more!

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