Choose the healthier option over chocolate this year!

Glowing and Flashing Novelties are becoming bigger and bigger for Easter every year with people opting to go healthy with novelties instead of chocolate. Plus with everyone going away or camping for the long weekend, glow sticks are a must take!

camping glow sticks6" glow sticks

6″ Glow sticks are a great versatile product to take camping. Hang them in your tent, take them on hikes, and wear them around your neck. 

camping glow stick spike


NEW ground spikes for our 24cm Glow jumbo sticks!

Put these in around your campsite and next the the tent pegs so you don’t trip over them!

flashing bunny ears


Flashing bunny ears! Choose novelties over chocolate this year! You could even make a glow in the dark easter egg hunt.


glow necklaces

The 22″ glow stick necklaces are easy to use with the connector already attached to one end. Just pull one out of the tube and connect it to the other end.


Find your shoes in the dark with these motion activated shoes lights!You may also like our glowing shoe laces. Wear them during the day and watch them glow in the dark.

led shoe lights glowshoesmall

Halloween idea’s


Halloween gets bigger every year and here at Everything Glows, we love it! More Halloween parties, events and discos!

Halloween PropsFlashing Swords Halloween Glow Jewellery Halloween Glow SticksFlashing Barware






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Glowing Science Lab Bar!



Check out our Pinterest for inspiration and idea’s for your Halloween events!

Use our Bottle Stickers to make a glowing science lab bar!


Halloween Stickers



We have Halloween stickers to make any product into Halloween themed!

Here are a few LED items that look great with stickers.

Flashing Angel and Devil Headbands

Flashing Angel and Devil headbands are a must for any Halloween School Disco!


New products for Halloween 2014

Halloween is creeping up again! Here are a few new products for your parties and events…

Halloween headbands

New! Flashing halo angel headbands, will you be good or evil this year?


Polka dot (Minnie Mouse) Bowscirclehallo

Flashing circle necklaces with spider or scary face stickers already stuck on for your convenience.



LED bottle stickers. Use these to light up old bottles or plastic cups.




The LED ice cubes are great for making your punch bowl or ‘witches brew’ glow..


Check out last years post for more Halloween ideas.

Limited Christmas in July Stock SALE!

Order for your Christmas in July events or secure your stock early for December!


With more of us serving up Australia’s beautiful fresh sea food and salads at our Summer time Christmas some of us do miss the  Turkey, Turdukin or Roast Pork with all the trimmings.

Winter in Australia is a great time to share your traditional Christmas Dinner with family, friends and communities as well as a great opportunity to catch up mid year. A nicely themed Christmas table or room will add to the atmosphere and with our offer of

10% off selected Christmas stock for June & July 2014
(Mention this in the comments section when ordering online)

Try using our Christmas Tree or Snowman colour changing Décor lights as place card holders or our 1.8m String of Stars as a central table decoration.  Add a Christmas Wreath and your Special table is done.


Check our web site now as we have limited stock at this price…


Tried & Tested- LED Fairy Floss Sticks

Click here to purchase flashing fairy floss sticks.

We have had a lot of enquiries about our LED Fairy Floss Sticks recently.

fairy floss sticksAre they popular? How well do they glow through the fairy floss? Does the fairy floss stick well the the sticks? Will they be suitable for my event? And how cost effective are they? Are they safe?

So we decided to test them out ourselves…

Using a small home fairy floss machine, we started spinning.

TestingThe first try was a bit rushed (have not used one of these in a while!) We didn’t wait long enough for the fairy floss to start coming out fully. Trying to twist it along the sides makes the floss tight around the stick and it goes quite solid and tends to slip off a bit which you do not want.

After working out how to use it the correct way, we made the perfect fairy floss stick. You need to wait a couple of minutes DSC_0043for the fairy floss to start coming out then start twirling the stick around it. The trick is to twist it around loosely by not touching the sides, that way it comes out nice and fluffy and sticks to the stick perfectly! The ridged surface on the sticks also helps the floss from falling off.

As for the light shining through the floss, you can see from the photos and video that this is not a problem!

Check out the video here:

The LED Fairy Floss Sticks are a new range that are becoming more and more popular for all types of events. Carnivals, weddings, parties and more. Heres some inspiration for your event:fairy floss ideas

Our LED Fairy floss sticks are made from food grade material so they are completely safe to use.

fairy floss carnival

You will need to factor in the cost as they are more expensive than wooden sticks. But I think they are worth it considering how much more attention it will bring to your fairy floss stall and the atmosphere they will bring to any event. People are not just paying for fairy floss they are also paying for a novelty they can use after the fairy floss is gone!


LED Fairy Floss sticks

Introducing LED Fairy Floss sticks… 

Click here to view our full range of glowing and flashing novelties

LED Fairy Floss Stick

We have had many enquiries over the years for Light Up Fairy Floss Sticks so Traders and Event Organisers could promote Fairy Floss at Night Time Events.



We have also noticed that an increasing number of private parties are now hiring Fairy Floss or popcorn machines!


Well, we have listened and now have been able to secure an A grade product that is 28cm long, made of food grade plastic and has 8 LED functions that create a fun light show.


Order on line or call/email our sales team for more information.


Halloween is becoming more and more popular in Australia every year. We have a range of glowing and flashing products for your Halloween party, events, costumes and more!

flashing skull necklace

Trick or Treat! As parents are more health conscious these days, why not hand out glow sticks instead of lollies? Not only children stand out walking around in the dark, the parents will thank you too!



Make your Halloween costume stand out with LED’s. Flashing devils horns, skull necklaces and spike bracelets!


Creepy Halloween decorations are a must for your Halloween event or party.


LED tea lights will set the mood.

Get creative. Hang some glow sticks under a white sheet to make floating ghosts.

icehand1Fill a glove with water and an LED ice cube then put them in the pool or punch bowl to make creep floating hands.


We now have Halloween themed stickers! These look great on a range of products like creepy spiders around your drinks or table center piece. Are you after custom made stickers? Email us for a quote.


If you have some Halloween tips or ideas, we would love to hear them. Or if you have a photo please send it in!

Choose Fun Flashing Novelties Over Chocolate This Easter!

Easter has come early this year! If you haven’t got your Easter supplies yet there may still be time! We post to all over Australia and offer express post for those urgent orders too!


Carols by candlelight LED candle


Easter is a great time of the year for fundraising. With school holidays at the same time too!


Some of our best selling items around Easter are Flashing bunny head boppers, 3D heart necklaces, LED tall candles.


Egg shaped decor light

If you are having an Easter party or event these egg shaped decor lights are great as table center pieces. You can even use the in a night time Easter egg hunt!


Make your own personalized Easter gift by filling a flashing cola glass or wine glasses for the adults, with there favorite chocolates and wrapping them up in cellophane with ribbon.

Flashing cola glass

Have a great Easter everyone!

– Everything Glows


Valentines day

Valentines day can be a great way to raise funds for your school, event or charity.light up rose

champagne flutes

Holding a Valentines day stall can be very effective. Some popular items are the light up rose, these are great for kids to give out. The champagne or wine glasses make a great little gift when filled with chocolates, this ones more for the adults.decor heart orb



A Valentines day dance can be fun! Decorate the tables with LED decor hearts and hand out some fun novelties like the flashing heart boppers and 3D heart necklaces.


flashing lips badge


The flashing lips and heart badges are a great little cost

effective item too!


Breast Cancer Awareness Month

October is breast cancer awareness month. Help support breast cancer awareness and research by going Pink for October!

Holding a fundraiser or a girls night in is a great way to raise funds to support this cause.

These glow novelties give people something special to take away, while making them feel good about contributing to a good cause. They are also inexpensive items making them accessible to more people.

Pink for October

Great pink glow items for fundraising


Stickers and printing

Putting stickers or printing on products is a great way to promote your cause. It advertises to other people about the cause, and reminds people why they bought the item and how they contributed.


If you are holding an event for this cause, we would like to offer 5% off our wholesale prices as our donation towards your order. Please mention this offer when ordering.